Ch. Suncliffe Truro@ WindDancer

August 21, 2017 I helped my best friend cross the bridge. She will forever be my teacher, confident and bed buddy.
Rowan ushered me into the 'dark side' ...what Pembroke people call the
Cardigan world.

Thru her I met new challenges and many new friends. We learned together,
grew together and now she will live on in her children, grandchildren and
future generations.

I will miss her smile. I will miss how she started at my feet and I'd wake to find her facing me on the pillow.

Her patient looks when I screw up but mostly just being there.

Hug your dogs tightly today because waking up without her
this morning was devastating.

RIP my sweet girl. I miss you so much already.

CH Suncliffe Truro @ WindDancer

Rowan is owned, love and spoiled

by Mary Batchelder Detoma

Pedigree Rowan Pedogree

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Rowan Fall 2016

Rowan and her daughter Zest

3 Generations

Grand-mother Rowan - Grand-son Albert and

Daughter Zest.


Back home with her family



Zest on the right - Albert on the left and Cedar in the middle